The "LivingWall" setup is the most versatile. It is suitable as a library in which the most popular collectibles can be displayed beautifully. With the “Mount” add-on, the setup has thoughtfully become the center of home entertainment. It offers space for a TV and the associated home entertainment devices required.

In addition to mirrors, televisions can be also be hung on the front side of the WØNDERWALL. This allows the living room set-up to evolve from a library to the center of a home theater.

There are two different sizes to choose from for the “LivingWall” setup: the large version offers central space for a TV of up to 75 inches. TVs up to a size of 50 inches can be mounted off-center. Even more, with its slim cabinet the WØNDERWALL can also offer storage solutions.

Among other things, consoles can be stored in the cabinet, which can be connected to the TV behind the wall panels. The cables are thus hidden, leaving a clean look of the multimedia furniture.

There are several shelves to choose from, which give the WØNDERWALL a playful depth due to the differing dimensions. Depending on the requirements, this add-on can be repurchased and the wall can be quickly adapted to any new or additional requirements. Shelves can also be equipped with inductive charging stations, which enable the simple & clean appearance of the WØNDERWALL.







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